Why should I call you for windshield/auto glass replacement?

At Siri Auto Glass, on top of fast, friendly and professional service, we also offer the lowest prices and only use high quality materials.

Will you come to my location?

Yes! Siri Auto Glass provides mobile service. We'll come to wherever you're located in Pearland - your home, office etc.

What if I just need a windshield rock chip/crack repair?

No problem! If you just need a rock chip/crack repair, we'll repair your current windshield. We'll even do it for free! click here

Call now: (281) 936-0920

We'll come to wherever you're located in Pearland!

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Where are you located?

We're located one block west of Veterans Memorial / Stuebner Airlines Dr on FM1960.

Our address - 4714 FM 1960 W, Suite# 112, Houston TX 77069.

Is auto glass replacement covered under my insurance?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you're almost certainly covered for auto glass replacement. We are an approved auto glass company for all major insurance companies. We handle any auto glass related insurance claim, from initial estimates to replacement to direct billing, quickly and professionally.

What if I don't have or don't want to go through insurance?

Don't worry, we'll give you a very affordable quote. And we also accept credit cards, checks and cash.

What types of auto glass do you offer?

At Siri Auto Glass, we offer both aftermarket and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) quality glass. While OEE quality glass is of a much higher quality than aftermarket glass, in most cases we only charge around $30-$90 more for it - so you get top quality at a very affordable price!

Why should I opt for the higher priced OEE quality glass and bonding?

Structural support in crashes - The windshield of your vehicle and the bonding used to adhere it serve as a 'shield' for everyone inside the car. A high-quality, strongly bonded windshield can help prevent the roof from caving in during an accident.

Save time - After a windshield is replaced, you have to wait till the bonding 'cures' before you can drive the vehicle. Low quality bonding material takes as long as 24 hrs to cure, while high quality bonding material can cure in as little as 30 min.

Is Siri Auto Glass a reliable and reputable company?

  1. 1. Experienced - in the auto glass business for over 5 years
  2. 2. Certified - all our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association
  3. 3. Preferred Provider - with most insurance companies
  4. 4. OEE Quality Auto Glass & Materials
  5. 5. Satisfaction Guaranteed :)

Do you provide any warranty?

At Siri Auto Glass, every replacement we do comes with Lifetime Warranty: the auto glass installation will be free of leaks and defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own your car.

What zipcodes in Pearland do you serve?

We provide mobile service to all of these zip codes: 77581, 77584, 77588

Windshield Replacement Pearland TX

Pearland is a city located in the US state of Texas. It is located within the Houston-Sugar Land- Bay Town metropolitan area. It has a population of a litter over 100,000. It is the fastest growing city in Huston and the second fastest growing city in Texas. The city is has a good mix of people from all walks of life and is fairly active. The city has various stare highways connecting it to different parts of Texas such as State Highway 288, State Highway 35, Texas State Highway Beltway 8 and FM 518. All these routes have one thing in common. They have a fairly high speed limit which enables vehicles to zip past at great speeds.

What causes damage to the windshield?

One factor that people seldom consider in fast moving vehicles is its effect on the wind shield. Every car comes with a different type of windshield. Some are more resistant to strong winds and stones than others. One cannot know for sure what may hit the windshield and when. There are times when small stones or just large dust particles hitting the windshields of cars are enough to crack it or damage it. Entirely depending on the quality of glass used, the glass may be more or less vulnerable to an object striking it. Other causes of damage to the windshield include twigs and branches of trees, high winds, objects thrown as projectiles, vandalism and natural causes. Sometimes heavy rainfall may also damage the windscreens of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Pearland TX

Windshield Replacement Pearland TX is very simple and also equally necessary for those travelling often along the state highways in their cars. Getting your auto glass repaired is also pretty easy in Pearland and inexpensive at the same time as compared to other parts of the country. Many people avoid getting minor cracks and damages on the windshield repaired just to save up on cost. However from safety point of view it is essential to get it replaced. Auto Glass Pearland TX won't cost you much. Moreover any and every type of windshield can be replaced or repaired here.

Why repair a windshield?

Often most carefree people wonder why it is essential to have your windshield repaired or replaced. The most obvious and common reason for replacement of a windshield is that the crack hinders the line of sight. However when the crack is not directly in front of the driver's seat people don't care much for it and leave it the way it is. This is potentially dangerous for the car and more importantly the people sitting inside. Take for example the case of a torn shirt or torn jeans. The tear doesn't stay the same size and keeps increasing. The same is the case with a windshield. The crack may seem harmless initially however with time it weakens the glass and makes it more vulnerable to breakage. Apart from that, water will most definitely find a way to seep in through the crack which may cause inconvenience and further damage to the vehicle. This may not always show in the form of more cracks developing. In some cases the windshield spontaneously shatters while the car is in motion thereby causing major accidents. Hence getting the glass repaired is very essential. Auto Glass Repair Pearland TX can be easily repaired and replaced if required at various workshops across the city.

Auto Glass Replacement Pearland TX

Pearland TX Windshield Replacement is carried out for two major purposes. The first is in the case of severe damage due to accidents. In this case the glass may be beyond repair and replacement would be the only option. The windshield is essential as it protects the car and the passengers from dust, wind, insects, stones, projectiles and other damaging items. The second reason for replacement of windshields is for improving safety standards of the vehicle. Many cars that are manufactured don't come with safety glass fittings or laminated glass fittings. They either use light weight cheap glass or heavy glass. Light weight glass, being the cheapest, provides minimum protection. It only protects from moderate winds and dust. Under heavy winds and rainfall it may crack and even small stones can shatter the glass. Heavy glass on the other hand is comparatively more expensive and is more resistant to strong winds and small stones. However in the case of projectiles hitting the car, the heavy glass may sometimes break instead of just crack. This allows an opening for other damages that may follow. Hence Pearland TX Auto Glass is common. People prefer stronger laminated and toughened glass. These windshields are extremely strong and some even opt for bullet proof shields. This means projectiles as fast and strong as bullets cannot do any damage to them.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that is formed by a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral in between two pieces of glass and applying ample pressure and heat. This causes the polymer to adhere firmly to the inner layer of the glass pieces firmly. This is particularly popular in most high end automobiles these days. If broken the three layers prevent any harm to the passengers as the polymer and inner-layer prevent further penetration and dispersion of glass pieces is avoided thanks to the firm adhesion to the polymer substrate. Though they are a notch more expensive than other safety glass they provide excellent safety for the passengers in the vehicle and one cannot substitute safety with money. Pearland TX Auto Glass Replacement is mostly carried out to fit laminated safety glass in cars. Many a times these are also used for the car windows.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass or toughened glass is a type of safety glass whose strength is considerably increased as compared to normal glass. This is done by controlling temperature conditions in its manufacture or by chemical methods. Tempering causes a balanced internal stress. This means that when the glass breaks it will form smaller granular chunks instead of splitting into sharp edged pieces. These smaller granular chunks are less likely to cause injury. This also has the advantage that on breakage, the glass doesn't fall out of its frame. This also prevents the entire weight of the glass from falling on the passengers. The United States requires many glass panes in shops and other public areas to be tempered so as to avoid fatal injuries.

Windshield Replacement Pearland

So if you have a low quality windshield then the first step is to replace it with a good quality shield. If your shield is damaged then you must at the very least get it repaired so as to avoid further damage. While selecting a new windshield you must be very careful so as to check the quality. Always opt for a safety glass such as tempered or laminated glass. This will keep you safe as well as save you money in the long run. Auto Glass Pearland can be done easily at any local auto glass shop. One must not think twice about it if they have a doubt. It is a matter of safety which can never be ignored. Driving safely is one thing, but being careful is another. Always be prepared and play it safe.