Why should I call you for windshield/auto glass replacement?

At Siri Auto Glass, on top of fast, friendly and professional service, we also offer the lowest prices and only use high quality materials.

Will you come to my location?

Yes! Siri Auto Glass provides mobile service. We'll come to wherever you're located in Bellaire - your home, office etc.

What if I just need a windshield rock chip/crack repair?

No problem! If you just need a rock chip/crack repair, we'll repair your current windshield. We'll even do it for free! click here

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We'll come to wherever you're located in Bellaire!

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Where are you located?

We're located one block west of Veterans Memorial / Stuebner Airlines Dr on FM1960.

Our address - 4714 FM 1960 W, Suite# 112, Houston TX 77069.

Is auto glass replacement covered under my insurance?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you're almost certainly covered for auto glass replacement. We are an approved auto glass company for all major insurance companies. We handle any auto glass related insurance claim, from initial estimates to replacement to direct billing, quickly and professionally.

What if I don't have or don't want to go through insurance?

Don't worry, we'll give you a very affordable quote. And we also accept credit cards, checks and cash.

What types of auto glass do you offer?

At Siri Auto Glass, we offer both aftermarket and OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) quality glass. While OEE quality glass is of a much higher quality than aftermarket glass, in most cases we only charge around $30-$90 more for it - so you get top quality at a very affordable price!

Why should I opt for the higher priced OEE quality glass and bonding?

Structural support in crashes - The windshield of your vehicle and the bonding used to adhere it serve as a 'shield' for everyone inside the car. A high-quality, strongly bonded windshield can help prevent the roof from caving in during an accident.

Save time - After a windshield is replaced, you have to wait till the bonding 'cures' before you can drive the vehicle. Low quality bonding material takes as long as 24 hrs to cure, while high quality bonding material can cure in as little as 30 min.

Is Siri Auto Glass a reliable and reputable company?

  1. 1. Experienced - in the auto glass business for over 5 years
  2. 2. Certified - all our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association
  3. 3. Preferred Provider - with most insurance companies
  4. 4. OEE Quality Auto Glass & Materials
  5. 5. Satisfaction Guaranteed :)

Do you provide any warranty?

At Siri Auto Glass, every replacement we do comes with Lifetime Warranty: the auto glass installation will be free of leaks and defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own your car.

What zipcodes in Bellaire do you serve?

We provide mobile service to all of these zip codes: 77401, 77402

Windshield Replacement Bellaire TX

All types of vehicles whether it is an aircraft or a bus or a truck or a car or a bike have windshields. They can be said to be the front windows of the vehicles. In some countries such as England and Australia they are called windscreens. The windshield serves many purposes.

As the name suggests the windshield shields or protects you from the wind. It is common for a small chip of stone getting picked up by the tires of a car and being fired behind. Apart from protecting the occupants of the car from the wind the windshield become the first line of defence against such flying debris. One can find insects commonly flying out in the open and if such insects or dust happen to get it the eyes of the driver it can cause distraction and lead to accidents. The windshield helps in blocking these insects. Modern windshields make the vehicles more rigid thus protecting the occupants in case of a collision. In sport cars and racing motorcycles they help to reduce the drag.

The modern windshields are a safety device just like the seat belts and air bags but it has not been the same throughout. The main concern for innovators of the windshields has been to device such windshields that would ensure the safety of the occupants. In the olden days windshields were made from normal window glass panes. They would easily break and cause grievous injuries which would often prove to be fatal. Concerned by this the windshields were made of hardened glass. These glasses would not break into sharp splinters. Instead they would fragment into harmless pieces if it broke. The problem with these glasses came in the form of their brittleness. Even a small stone chip would result in the glass fragmenting into small pieces hampering the visibility of the driver. To overcome this problem the innovators came up with laminated glasses. In such windshields a cellulose inner lining was inserted between two layers of glasses. Most countries have made it mandatory for the car manufacturers to ensure that the windshield should remain in one piece even it breaks. Modern windshields which are made by laminated safety glasses comply to these provisions. It consists of two curved sheets of glass with a plastic sheet laminated between them to provide security. This glass in then bound into the window frame.

Auto Glass Bellaire TX

Despite the huge technological strides windshields remain to be one of the most breakable parts of the vehicles. Though the damage may not be extensive and be limited to a crack or chip developing on the windshield. Accident is not the only reason for a crack or a chip on the windshield. One could even become a victim of vandalism and hooliganism. Several factors are responsible for the damage on the windscreen and further worsening of the same. The most common ones are:

Flying Splinters - If the tire of the car in front of you or in the lane next to you picks up a stone it may fire it back. As the impact of the stone on the windscreen is multiplied manifold by the velocity of the speeding car, even a small stone can result in a crack or chip on the windscreen.

Structural weakness - It contributes to the maximum cases of windshield damage. A weak spot usually develops in an area about 3 inches from the edge. The reason for the same is that as there is no glass at the edges so glass which is made up of particles does not get a good gripping surface at the edges making it brittle at the edges. Moreover a lot of mechanical force is used to force the two layers of glass on the laminated inner liner giving rise imperfections in and around the edges.

Temperature variation - Variations in temperature results in glass contracting and expanding continuously leading to development of small cracks throughout the glass. If air conditioner or heater is used at full blast it leads to a temperature variation between the inside and the outside layers of the windshield. As a result the warmer layer expands while the cooler layer contracts leading to the cracks getting worse.

Weather conditions - Hailstorms can damage the windscreen with a severe hailstorm leaving numerous holes on the windscreen. If a windshield has been damaged it could worsen by the impact of rain, winds and ice storms. Rain and snow leads to accumulation of moisture on the crack or chip and accelerates the damage at an alarming rate. High speed winds coupled with high speed of the car puts immense pressure on the windshield. A damaged windscreen is unable to handle such pressure and the cracks widen very quickly.

Regular use - A weakened windshield becomes vulnerable to jolts. Riding on bumps or uneven roads puts tremendous pressure on the damaged windshield and worsen it. This could be particularly dangerous as the new cracks may develop in areas which affect the visibility of the driver.

If you are driving with a damaged windshield you would be booked for traffic violation in many states. The reason behind this is that a damaged windscreen hampers the vision of the driver thus making it dangerous for not only the occupants but also others who are on the road. In Texas though it is not essential that the same would attract a penalty as Texan law penalises only if the crack or chip hampers the vision of the driver. It is worth remembering that the decision whether the same is obscuring the vision lies with the traffic cop. It is also not advisable to drive with a crack even if it is not obscuring the vision for the simple reason that as the integrity of the windshield has been compromised the crack may widen further and may also come in the line of vision.

Auto Glass Repair Bellaire TX

The obvious thing to do is to call for an auto glass replacement Bellaire TX specialist to inspect the damage. Many windshield replacement Bellaire TX installers provide mobile services and could come to the location and recommend appropriate action. One should verify that the windshield replacement Bellaire TX installer is registered with AGRSS and has National glass Association trained technicians on his rolls.

At times it is possible that replacement or repair of the damaged windshield in not immediately possible. In such a case taking following precautions should be taken to prevent further damage.

Accumulation of dirt in the crack or chip would make the repair difficult so it is recommended that a clear tape should be put on the crack taking care that the tape does affect the vision. As moisture hastens the damage process one should not wash the car. The heating up of inside of the car may widen the cracks so the car should not be parked in the sun. Variation in temperature on the layer of the glass also increases the damage so air conditioner and heater should not be used at full blast. Avoid using the car as far as possible as regular use may increase the damage. The door should not be slammed hard as the same puts pressure on the weakened windshield.

Auto Glass Replacement Bellaire TX

If the crack is less than 12 inches or the chip is less than a quarter one can get the damage repaired at one fourth or even one tenth of the price of replacing the windshield. All you need to do is call for an auto glass repair Bellaire TX expert immediately. Once it has been established that it is safe to repair the windshield the mechanic would inject a special resin in the crack or chip using special tools that attach to the glass directly. At times he may inject the resin directly in the sandwiched plastic lining by drilling a passage to it. The auto glass repair Bellaire TX expert may also inject epoxy in the crack. The entire process usually takes an hour or even less and can be even dome at you office or home.

The decision whether the windshield needs to be replaced or repaired would be taken by windshield replacement Bellaire TX specialist based on the extent and place of the crack. If the crack is more than 12 inches and the chip is more than a quarter the auto glass Bellaire TX expert is likely to recommend replacement of the windshield. If the crack is near the edge of the windscreen it may spread faster so it is recommended that the windshield be replaced. At times the auto glass Bellaire TX expert may recommend replacement even if the crack is very small but is in the line of vision of the driver as repairs do leave some distortions.

If one needs to get the windshield replaced one should call for the assistance from a windshield replacement Bellaire TX specialist. The auto glass replacement Bellaire TX mechanic would first remove the damaged windshield taking care not to damage the pinchweld as the same could result in adhesive not sealing correctly. He would then choose the correct replacement windshield and it is recommended to use the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield. After this the adhesive is applied and the new windshield is installed. It would be prudent to listen to the advice of the auto glass replacement Bellaire TX expert on the time before you drive away because if the adhesive has not settled well the windshield may move in the pinchweld and thus the safety of the same would be compromised.

Bellaire TX Windshield and Auto Glass

The cost of repair usually varies from $ 40 to $ 90 depending upon the number of cracks to be filled, the extent of damage etc while the cost of replacement could range from $ 300 to $ 1300 depending upon the model of the vehicle. Apart from the windshield cost one needs to factor in the cost of windshield moulding kit and including installation labour. There could be a variation in the cost of windshield of the same car as some local dealers provide windshields from sub standard suppliers which are not only cheaper but also offer quality, safety and clarity comparable to the OEM windshield suppliers but most auto glass replacement Bellaire TX specialists recommend that OEM supplied windshield should be used. Most auto insurance policies cover windshield though the terms are different for repairs and replacement. In case of replacement the insurance company would ask you to pay up the deductibles and pay the remaining amount. In case of repairs it is possible to get the deductible waved off as insurance companies usually are ready to pay the entire repair amount as the same is much cheaper than replacement.